Friday, November 9, 2012

nu-prep 100

We spend a lot to improve our bike performance, from hardware to software. Thousands of ringgit invested, if not for the speed at least to make you look cool!

But we forget that we are the one, the rider that controls the highly performance machine, and by considering the latest machine that comes with electronic gadget, the rider needs to be well alerted with the technology and of course the environment.

I personally consume this Tongkat Ali – water soluble extract for the past 2 years. It give me an energy either on the long riding trip or during track days…. And reduce the normal/light muscle pain….

I hardly feel any pain on my knees after the stressed & tension riding to Awana Sunday. You know how stress it is riding with those fast riding guys....By the way, I have two metal plates in my right foot.

Recommended by a friend, we managed to meet and talk during the teh tarik session with one of the quality guy from this company who produce this herbal supplement.

With their tag line of scientifically prepared to enhance men’s health and vitality, this product is made fom a standardized Tongkat Ali extract that is water soluble, freeze-dried and  patented in the US and Europe. Increase in stamina and physical endurance after consuming Nu-Prep 100 Tongkat Ali water –soluble extract extracts is one of the MANY and NOTABLE demonstrated efficacy for this product.

So, don’t ride before preparing yourself!


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