Thursday, May 9, 2013

R1 2010 Milwaukee Yamaha BSB Replica

The first complete set of R1 2010 of Milwaukee Yamaha BSB 2013
replica from one of our customer.

You may choose your own design. E-mail us the design. Our OEM fairing is high grade quality of ABS plastic. Our design and painting department putting an extra details for each of the labels & stickers.

We welcome any international inquiries.

E-mail us at


  1. Hi how much? And do u do it in track format ie no light cut outs and rear seat unit thanks

  2. Hi Nigel Smart,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes we do have race fairing (fiber glass), for race purpose. It comes with full tank cover and race seat foam.

    E-mail us at

    We can quote you with the postage cost.