Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MSS Round 1 - Riders in action

We are sharing few pictures from the MSS Round 1. All the teams will be meeting again in Round 2 during WSBK in Sepang from 6-8th June 2014. It will be double event, see you there!

Start! Riders in action approaching into the Turn One Sepang
Looking for the space in Turn Two
Zamri Baba (CBR1000RR) and Syahnas (HP4)
CBR vs S1000RR vs ZX10R
Zamri Baba with CBR1000RR from RND Plus Performance Racing Team. The champion for Round 1
Luca Cassoni from TWG Racing Team

All pictures are provided by Shaz Shamsuddin. His facebook page Shazli Shamsuddin Photography
Thank you Shaz Shamsuddin!

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