Monday, August 5, 2013

Why choose fairing set from SBK Motoworks

Why choose fairing from SBK Motoworks??

There are many fairing sellers at ebay, internet and direct importers in facebook etc. internationally or locally.

But what makes us different is the painting quality.

As many of them is still using the normal conventional painting for your lovely bike’s fairings. It is time to shift to the newest paint finishing innovation on the market – UV Light Activated Paint. As the most advanced technological breakthrough in paint processes, UV Light Activated Paint gives consumers unbeatable advantages over normal conventional paints:

• High resistance to physical scratching and abrasion
• High resistance to various chemicals
• High resistance to fading and discoloration from weather elements
• Durable and flexible, will not crack, warp or peel even in extreme conditions
• Extremely short production drying time – over 45% more efficient and cost effective as compared to ordinary paints
• Finishing is simply so much more clean, shining and beautiful

Realizing the overall positive benefits of UV Light Activated Paint Technology, our associate factory has invested over US$200,000.00 for the UV Light Machine. Currently, only our associate factory has the technological capacity for UV Light Activated Paint Technology for fairings production. No other fairings factory comes close to our dedication and expertise in providing excellent products to customers.

All fairings are made from INJECTION MOLD machine:   Every process is machine made and consistently produce complete and identical fairings that are exact specifications as OEM standards. This is to ensure a perfect fitting each and every time.

The joint collaboration in design by SBK Motoworks team and the factory has result in good quality fairing sets for the past 3 years. SBK Motoworks is proudly becomes the active partner in providing the best design and detailing for the fairing color, decals design and finishing works.

In Malaysia market alone, we have sell hundreds of fairing set through our authorized resellers. We are ready to fulfill international market under SBK Motoworks.

Meanwhile, our associate factory with the production capacity of more than 20,000 set a year is actively exporting to international market. More than 80% of fairing set comes from this factory, but what makes the different is the painting quality. Some re-sellers are doing painting on their own in order to cut their painting cost. Currently, the UV Light Activated Paint only available at our associate factory. 

At SBK Motoworks, all of us are bikers and we know what the bikers want when comes to their fairing quality, design and style.

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