Saturday, February 18, 2023

Tips to buy accessories and performance parts for your motorcycle(s)

1) Identify your purpose, whether it is for Racing/Track Day or for most of the time for Street Riding

2) Do your own research, ask you friends or members in your group on that particular parts, you may search on youtube, tiktok or any other media social for the feedback from current owners or any professional reviews.

3) Make up your mind, decide on which parts that you want to buy, or you may just leave it as it is. No upgrading just ride as it is. Stop here. If you decide to buy than go to next point...

4) If you decide to purchase the part(s), do contact us for quotation. We will propose the best option to your budget.

5) Some parts may available in stock, if not in stock we will check with the factory on the estimated delivery time. Deposit may required for any pre-order items

6) We do provide installation. Once the installation done. You may enjoy your ride. Upgrading your current set up will make your ride more enjoy to the next level. 

Note : At SBK Motoworks, we only offer the original and genuine parts.

Thank you

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