Friday, April 18, 2014

Bonamici Rear Sets - track day review

Here some points after we test the rear sets on S1000RR :

1) We have an issue with missed gear on previous rear set for our S1000RR, but with Bonamici rear set there is no more issue of forced neutral and missed gear
2) The foot peg grip with your track boot is great! It support your maneuver during hang-off
3) Shifting gear down and up shift is really smooth and sharp, it's far better than our previous two rear sets on S1000RR.
4) It's worth of investment to get this pair of rear set, anyway what else is important other than putting you two foots on the bike. Getting the best rear set is important for the body position balance while you are on bike and especially on track
5) The rear set is adjustable to suit with your riding style
6) All the sets that we test are the reverse shift version
7) In corner, it support you body position while entering and exiting the corner. Change to this rear set, then you will definitely see an improvement of your body position. After change to this rear set, the next time you buy your track photos, look at your body position.
8) Bonamici Racing rear set is used by BMW Motorrad Italia in World STK1000 and current WSBK Evo Team.
9) Rear sets spare parts i.e. footpeg, gear rod, gear levers etc. are also available.

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