Thursday, April 17, 2014

Track Day at Sepang International Circuit - we test the fairing

It's three hours session under the hot shining day of almost 34 degrees, all the street version fairing tested at high speed of SIC front straight line, left and right corners i.e. T3 long bend corner and sharp corners of T4 and T9. 

No melting paint. Still intact. No crack parts. 

Let's hear what the riders say about the fairing.

Sofiz on R1 "I love the paint works, it looks cool and this is my 5th track days with this fairing"

Husin on S1000RR "My fist track day with this fairing setI'm sure nobody notice it, it's so identical with stock original factory fairing, many asking me where I did the painting, 
no I got it the whole new set!"

Ajax on GSXR600 "I can't remember the numbers of track days, but have putting it almost a year and it's still feels good and strong"

Carl on S1000RR "This is my 2nd set after GoldBet replica for this year, I love fairing from SBK Motoworks"

Thank you guys! Let's enjoy the track day in style.

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